Featured Products

Single sided line for truseal I.G.

Truseal Technology, located in American, is a profession research company which engages in warm-edge system products used in energy-saving windows and doors with more than 40 years experience.

SuperSpacer line manually

Super spacer I.G. production line (L-SHAPE)

Super Spacer is another energy-saving materials in warm edge insulating glass system, which is widely used in Europe countries.

glass washing

Glass Washing Drying Machine EH2500

With best washing and drying result, the best choice for processing photovoltaic solar energy glass and double glazing, very popular for glass deep processing industry.

application table-1200

Spacer Assembly Table (EA2216/2518/3022)

Spacer assembly table is available for Truseal spacer and super spacer application in warm edge I.G. production.

Roller press

Heated Roller Press Machine EP2200

It is major used in Duraseal and Duralite spacer I.G. processing, which is designed according to Truseal technical code and can press triple glazing.

gas filling machine

Gas Filling Machine

Gas filling machine is used for filling inert gas in insulating glass or ohter seal units with different sealing ways.


Hot Melt Machine

Hot melt machine is used for all levels of sealed units, especially used in warm edge SUPER SPACER I.G. units.


Tilting Table

Tilting table is the assistant equipment which is widely used in warm-edge insulating glass manufacture.


Spool Stand for Truseal spacer

Spool stand for truseal spacer, as the assistant equipments for warm-edge insulating glass processing, is widely used in spacer assembly.

About Us

ETMC, Jinan Everlasting Machinery Co., Ltd is a Chinese professional manufacturer on Glass Washing Machines that are suitable for cleaning to low-e glass, tempered glass, laminated glass and solar glass etc. and insulating glass equipments including “warm-edge” spacer lines (suitable for Truseal, Super Spacer & others). Under the background of energy saving and environment protection, we will strive to improve the quality of our equipments to meet customers satisfaction.